Danny Jams

One Dan Infinite Jams

Danny Jams is an indie-electronic loop artist with a passion for putting on a show. Currently based in Richmond, VA as a full time performer, Danny is snowballing the music scene with a variety of projects, content, and live shows. The best part about a Danny Jams show is that no show is the same. With surprise guests, improv jams, & impromptu moments of crowd participation, Danny Jams makes each performance a refreshing experience that’s fun for all music lovers.

Danny has been performing music professionally for over 8 years. His start in the industry began when he joined with Alex Bond (Lyricist) to form the hip hop groove rock band Too Indecent in 2014. Danny served as the visionary for the band, having a direct hand in the production of 2 albums while curating the brand image & social media presence. Too Indecent disbanded in late 2018, leading Danny to focus on production & live looping. 

Danny Jams has since performed over 200 shows from VA to NY. He has produced videos, EPs, live albums, and loads of content from this new musical journey. In addition to his production work, Danny has been working with a full band Dan & The Fam (2021) to take his love for experimental jams to the next level. The Fam has become the ultimate jam vehicle for Danny Jams to write & perform with limitless potential. Together they are working on recording, live streaming, and booking for 2023 festival season.